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You only pay when someone is making a purchase from your store. And the cost is low as 5% of your total order including transaction and payment processing fees.

Powerful tools

Our tools and services make it easy to manage, promote and grow your business.

Support and education

Reach out to Goffero support specialists anytime you need a hand and get tips on running a successful shop in our Seller Handbook.

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Simple, transparent, secure

No additional monthly fees

Automatic deposits

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You only pay when someone is making a purchase from your store. And the percent is for the total amount of the customer’s order excluding transaction and payment processing fees.

1.8% + 2 SEK

When you get an account you will need to set up a Stripe account within our site to get your money when a customer order something from you. And Stripe has some fees that you need to pay over the 5% we take.

We process payments on our secure, SSL-encrypted platform, and have fraud detection systems to protect you and your buyers 24/7.

Simple, powerful tools

Spend less time managing your shop and more time on the fun stuff.

Manage your business anywhere

Use the administration to manage orders, edit listings, and respond to buyers instantly, from anywhere.

Accept payments seamlessly

Attract more buyers on Goffero and beyond with Promoted Listings and free social media tools.

Analyze and optimize your shop

Access detailed stats about your shop’s performance to help you increase your sales.

simple shopping

Choose your own path to success

Goffero has tools designed for every stage of your business’s growth—no matter how big your ambitions. A simple thing but yet so powerful are your own shop-URL.



249 kr

Add up to 10 products


950 kr

Add up to 30 products

Support Vendor Admin

Help with adding up to 5 single products


2995 kr

Everything on Standard plus:

Add up to 1000 products

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about selling on Goffero.


How do fees work on Goffero?

Joining and starting a shop on Goffero costs as low as 249 SEK. And you pay a commission of your total order amount when someone is order something from your store. And you pay directly to Stripe for the transaction and payment processing.

What do I need to do to create a shop?

It’s easy to set up a shop on Goffero. Create a Goffero vendor account, set your shop location and currency, choose a shop name, create a listing, set a payment method, and finally set a billing method.

Then you create your vendor account and fill out your information we will just check that your business is legal. And you don’t sell stuff that is prohibited.

How do I get paid?

With Goffero Payments, our easy-to-use and secure payment system, you may accept payments from a wide variety of payment methods including credit and debit cards and Stripe. Funds from your sales are deposited directly to your bank account in your currency, no matter how or from where the buyer pays.

What products are prohibited?

Drugs, Medicines, Explosives, Fireworks, Creation of drugs, Pyramid selling, Escort agencies, massage parlors, sexual services, Timeshare, Independent financial advisers (IFA), Payday loans, Counterfeit gods/replicas, Trade of weapons, ammunition, military arms, explosive devices, firearm parts  Ream more…