Important information about Covid-19
We are following the authorities’ updates on the new corona virus disease Covid-19. Of course, we safeguard the safety of our employees, customers, and our partners during this difficult time.
Since our systems are cloud-based, there is the possibility of work from home, which reduces the risk of spreading infection. We are well equipped to help existing and new customers in a difficult time.

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Financial problems for Sweden’s smaller companies
Covid-19 poses major problems for smaller companies when ordering from their customers declines, or for many companies the whole ceases or stops coming.

We take our responsibility in a difficult time, by offering the start-up cost for a number of marketing services that help companies reach new customers and new important income. In addition, we offer the subscription fee for the first month.

In this way, we want to help our Swedish companies, partly to survive and partly to prepare for a brighter future after Covid-19.